Author’s Note

Alfva came into my life in the spring of 2009, and meeting her had a magic all its own. Not long before our first encounter, I wrote down the title of this book, which came to me without any hint of characters or plot. At the time, I was preparing to leave on a trip to Lesbos, Greece, for a yoga retreat. While packing, I became aware of an inner voice directing me: “Take a fairy with you to Greece. You will know who to give it to.” So I tucked a tiny toy fairy in my carry-on and winged my way to Greece. I was in Lesbos for scarcely two hours when I ran into a fellow yoga practitioner with her seven-year-old daughter in tow. As soon as I saw the little girl, I knew the fairy belonged to her. Before we were even introduced, I reached into my bag and handed it to her. Her eyes lit up as she exclaimed, “I’m Alfva, and my name means ‘fairy’!” And then she proceeded to open her own bag, which was filled with an assortment of fairy dolls and figurines. From that instant, the two of us became fast friends and spent as much time together as we could during our two weeks together. On my way home, as I sat in the plane, the story of our imaginary adventures poured through me so swiftly that I could scarcely write it down. Alfva and I hope you’ve enjoyed the romp.

-Susan Reintjes, Through the Fairy Door, p. 129

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