Fairies are drawn to beauty and light and to those who believe in them. When you place a fairy door in your garden, you let fairies know that you accept them, and they open a portal to their realm. Then the gifts begin as you experience the magic of fairy travel and the valuable lessons that they so generously bestow upon you.

This generosity is not entirely selfless. For although at first it may appear that they live in their own world, fairies share the Earth with us. As we grow in awareness of our stewardship of the Earth, fairies ensure the vitality, grace, and harmony of their homeland.

As you open to their world, they risk crossing the liminal border between their land and yours in order to visit you. You will catch glimpses of them and their light-filled essence in your own backyard. Your belief in them hastens the time when humankind and fairies are reunited and consciously share a common world.

This day will be one of great celebration for mortals and fairies alike.

– Susan Reintjes, Through the Fairy Door, p. ix

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